War & Peace (Lord of War Response Opinion)

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War and peace, something that happens as a causal response to one and another. War is inevitable in a way to looking for a peace, people use war as a tool to bring peace. In the other way around, peace also need a conflict to keep sustained. Nothing different between them both, just like I said that both of it happens as a causal response. To bring one of them, we must also face the other. That is the rule of life.

Based on the movie the Lord of War, we as a common people get educated about an unknown side of a war, or a conflict. Something darker more darker than the war itself. It’s scary to know that there are so much things evolve inside a single war. Such as what happens inside it, who stay behind it, and how they survive inside it. If there are another thing to learn, to know, and to realize from this movie, there are who takes the advantage because of it and who get burden from it.

Still based in the same movie, we as an audience is not only taught about the war, but we also taught about peace. Just like I said the relations between war and peace is unbroken. The peace that occur after the war its only a distraction for some actors to begin another war and another conflict. Just as soon as we thought that the world is in peace, we also realize that there are another war that just begin in the other side of the world. And somehow, the war is connect to one and another. Tragic.

More and more as we realize that the rule of the relation between war and peace is cruel. Believe me, we as a human will still try to bring the peace. Why? Because it’s humane, it’s our nature to looking for a peace. Eventhough its only a negative peace that we’re looking for but as long as there is peace, we as human have to manage to get there.

War is bad, war is cruel, war is the symbol of suffer. Stop bring the war for the reason of peace, its not a healthy reason, its not the best reason. We fight one and another to conquer one and another for nothing excpet wealth, and because nothing except our greedy as a human. Stop it. Let us try to cut the relation between war and peace. This world already tired of a war, its been 3.500 years since the last time we have completely peace in this world. Don’t you also tired of war?


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