Lethal Sex Injection

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Well, I’m 17 years old man that assume tobe different. I can say I’m an old soul, Old Thinker, and Old Feeler that trapped inside 17 years old body.

Some just said that I’m a weird and suck, but I get It, I am Weird and Suck in the way I love. And that people just know the name but forget to undress it. It literally means they know the name but not the story behind.

Let’s more focus to the topic. My generation, yes this generation. It way of act, think, and feel is really astonished me. So much of them, oh sorry. So much of us just thinking about love and love. But I admit, sometime I think about it too. But we forget what love is, what love can be, and we don’t know if love sometime can be EVOL(re: Evil).

And you what the fact is? The fact is we add more dosage in Love problem. We forget and don’t want to think about an issue, about life, future, history, education, and another else. And that’s make us sensitiveless about an issue, we more sensitve about love, and because that sometime we kill each other, for what? for love, fake love! And this is not only our fault, the generation before have a big influence too.

You know what is our problem? we don’t have the tool. Tool to fix it, Tool to make us more sensitive and active. If you ever heard “The Old is the wisely thinker, and the young is act with brave” before, do never think if that word would mean something know. Because what? because everything, because ourselves mainnly. And It gonna change into this “The Old is suffer and the young is making love and have a sex” what a pity!

Guess this generation need a lethal injection. Lethal injection? of what? we need lethal injection of tool ASAP, and what tool? an education and a real act from you old man, can you give us that?


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I'm Indonesian and I proud of it!

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