ASEAN, Life as Good People or Just Get Lost!

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#ABFI2013 yes, that event brought me to Solo last month, the city that I really want to know. I’m already write about the event in some of my post before, right in here . In this post I’m not focus on the main event #ABFI2013 exactly, I’m gonna try to write about something that I learn in Solo that time.

Optimized-IMG_4207(1)If Blogger can be together so do the Nation and the People!

Honestly, my main purpose when I know that I’ll attend the #ABFI2013 is to talk with foreign people, try my english and to know each other culture. And when I’m arrive in Solo in the 9th May 2013, wow! what a city! The first thing that really so great about this city is the people, at that time the bus from East Jave is get lost in the middle of the city, one great man come to help us, with his motorcylcle he take us to the Kusama Sahid Prince Hotel. Guess that’s somekind of good ASEAN people is about.

And In the next day morning, I’m not really enjoyed the presentation of the speaker in front, there’s something that make me more serious that time, that’s when I talk with Phally, blogger from Cambodia. She’s kinda of easy talking people and open minded, we talk about so much things, about our culture exactly, Indonesia and Cambodia, about the Hijab, and my friend Silvi & Pradina from Kediri Blogger Community help me answer Phallys question about the hijab. And in that time we’re really focus on our own discussion.

In the night the event give us some space to explore the Beauty of Solo by ourself, that time I go to Mangkunegaran to attend the Mangkunegaran performing art. Really crowd when I get there, and I decide to go to the backstage to know something more about this perform from the artist. I met with young girl from Solo, her name is Sonia, she’s a dancer, although this is really great chance to get a girl friend, I mean woman friend from Solo because I just really interest with the sweet face of the Solo girl but in that time I’m more focus to feel the curious from the people around about traditional art. Guess ASEAN need to more expose their own traditional culture and save it, do never let it just dissapear.

And in the next day morning, some of the foreign Participant give presentation about their country, really enjoy but unfortunately in that session I’m late to come, because I’m late to catch the bus, It’s really dissapoint but It’s okay because I still can enjoy some of the presentation.

And when the sun is right in our top, the session is to go to Sangiran Museum. Sangiran Museum is prehistoric Museum, the main object in this Museum is the Java man. In This museum I’m not see really much people, that in fact this museum can be something that really good not just for the Local tourist but for the Foreign tourist too if this Museum can have really great progress.

In inside the museum the situation is so melt with some funny talk form friend and it’s something vulgar but it’s funny not dirty. In the end of the Museum tour we watch some movie about the history of the Java Man. FYI If you want to enjoy something like I feel you can plan your holiday and begin to looking for a good hotel for your accomodationΒ in Solo by using to help you.

There’s so much thing that make me feel enjoy the event, and I realize that from event like this I can understand what ASEAN is about. But unfortunately the event miss something good, that is discussion so I decide to make it by my own self, maybe in the breakfast time, lunch time, in the coffe break, in the hotel, and also when the presentation time. Hopefully with this ASEAN BLOGGER FEST we can have ASEAN BLOGGER COMMUNITY, and we can help for the ASEAN Plans for the ASEAN COMMUNITY 2015.


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4 thoughts on “ASEAN, Life as Good People or Just Get Lost!

  1. Phally itu cewek yang rambut panjang yang wajahnya cantik ya?
    sepertinya dia banyak penggemarnya ;)))

  2. banyak banget pengalaman yg didapat ya bro, jadinya gak cuma ‘sambil nyelam minum air’ tapi njaring ikan juga πŸ™‚

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