From Keroncong to Blues and Rock (1st day #ABFI)

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That day is Thursday the first day I’m in Solo to join the Asean Blogger Conference. And I go To Solo by bus with East Java Blogger Friends, we spent almost 8 hours from Surabaya to Solo. Something happen in the middle of the journey, that’s when the bus driver raise his middle finger into another car that block our way, and this problem is so serious but it’s over in the crossroad in Madiun, if I’m not wrong.

It’s 04.30 pm when the bus arrive in Prince Kusuma Sahid Hotel in Solo. We’re split into 2 hotels Kusuma Sahid and Sahid Jaya. Sahid Jaya is about 2 kilo meters from Kusuma Sahid. And at 04.45 pm we’re arrive in Sahid Jaya and Check in to the hotel, I got 614 room that’s in 6th floor. In that room I meet Dimas from Ngalam and Arian from Ngawi.

At 07.30 pm all the participant of #ABFI is go to “Loji Gandrung”. In there we’ve Opening Ceremony and Dinner. At 10.00 pm the dinner is over and all of the participant go back to the hotel.

In the morning in Friday, I wake up at 04.50 am and prepare for the next event. At 07.30 the participant in Sahid Jaya Hotel go to Kusuma Sahid hotel to join the meeting. The Meeting dissapoint me because almost all of the participant really busy with their gadget not with the presentation in front. Only one that can take control of the participant that is Mr. Hermawan, he talk really great!.

Because the majority of the participant is a muslim, at 11.30 am, the meeting is stop for about 2 hours to give a time for the muslim to pray “Jum’atan”. After finish pray all of the participant have lunch and after that the meeting is start again.

In this time I Sit in front, not really in front! I sit with my friend from Dpuma and also I try to talk with Phally, the foreign participant from Cambodia. Because I’m not really well in english all of my friend that sit closer to us help me.

After about 3 hours of meeting, the meeting is about to end, and before the end there are Batik fashion show and live music. The band is a Blues and Rock band, I enjoy it really well. At 05.15 pm all of the participant from Sahid Jaya Hotel go back to the hotel.

In the night there are and event in Mangkunegaran, and I go there with some of my friend in Sahid Jaya Hotel. After walk about 10 minutes we get there, and the hunt of photo is start! I go to the backstage and I meet Sonia, the dancer I guess. And after that we gath with another friend to looking for a dinner.

We walk about 1 km and we find a restaurant and we eat Timlo, somekind of Soup with so much egg and chicken meat inside. We finish eat in 10.00 pm and we’re looking for a “Wedang Jahe” after that. Unfortunately when we enjoy our “Wedang Jahe” the sky is start to cry, I mean it’s rain, and in that time we choose to back to hotel.

And that’s all for the first day of #ABFI (Asean Blogger Festival Indonesia) keep in touch guys with the next stories! And I’m also sorry about my bad english, it’s still have a chance for improvement.





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