Untouch and Uncare Potential Tourism Spot in Madura Island

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Madura, and exotic Island in East Java province, consist of  four regencies, Bangkalan, Sampang, Pamekasan, and Sumenep. In this Island the most popular tourism spot landscape is beach. This Island have so much beach, Rongkang, Slopeng, Camplong, Siring Kemuning, and many more.

Sometime I feel bored coz everytime I  looking for tourism spot there will be just Beach and beach, until someday I find some great spot that is not beach, it is somekind of hill and there also beach but the main spot it’s not the beach exactly it’s the hill. The time when I find it I’m in camping trip with many students from around Bangkalan. Yes the hill is in Bangkalan, in Geger and Sepulu Subsdistrict.

Specially the spot in Geger is unique, many people say that the hill is mountain, mountain Geger, but from my geography knowledge it is Hill. What’s the unique? It is cold, really cold and this place not like another part of the Island, and how the people living is still traditional so much “pondok pesantren” in there. Unfortunately the gov is a little do not know about this or something and that make until now there are no Tourism spot that build in this subdistrict. Really jealous when in another regency some place like this already have great tourism spot.

Almost same like in Geger but in the Sepulu part the hill is a little bit warm because it’s really close with the beach and sea. And this one is incredibly unique you won’t feel it until you come to this place because the beauty of this place is unexplainable and the picture that I’ve lost can’t explain it. Just the same think about it, It is Uncare and Untouch.

Let’s go to another district there are still so much virgin tourism spot, start with the Buju’ Nipah or Nipah Beach It’s in Sampang District. In this spot it’s just like a Monkey kingdom, cos there are so much monkey inside this tourism spot but unfortunately This spot is not really famous, I don’t know why, but it is really great I’ve read about this spot from some blog, someday really wanna visit this place J.

And then the Pamekasan district, It’s a beach that called “Pantai Talang Siring” really great spot for tourism and this beach really need more progress. And this is a pic of this beach!


Pantai Talang Siring | Sunset

Thanks to Mas Slamet, I know about it from his blog(slametux[dot]blogdetik[dot]com) 🙂!


Api Tak Kunjung Padam aka Api Abadi (Immortal fire) this tourism spot is in Pamekasan district, although this spot is famous already I still think that this spot is uncare and need more progress to be better place to enjoy the holiday.

And the final one is Sumenep district, I’m not gonna tell you about the spot that still in Madura Island but it’s a really incredible tourism spot that separate from the Madura Island but still in Sumenep regency. Yes, that is Kangean Island, never have chance to enjoy this beautiful island but enjoying it from Friend story is enough to make me describe that this spot is really potential to be a great tourism spot, not only in Madura or East Java regency if this have a great progress I am sure that this spot will be one of the greatest Indonesian sea tourism spot. The Government really need to develop this one! and it still Untouch but still care by the local people. And for this one I’m not gonna bored and I’ll take my words in the beginning guys hehehe 🙂

And this is some pics that I get from another blog (wisatalautkangean[dot]blogspot[dot]com






And that’s all I guess, Hope You guys like it and make you guys come here, and I need Your pray guys, I write this not only because I want this Island to be a better place but I also follow some contest that the winner will go to SOLO! Pray for me guys! really need that!!! 🙂

and also sorry for my good bad English haha 🙂


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