Karapan Sapi, Russian, and Ole Olang

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The story begin when Plat-M(Madura Blogger Community) and PERKASA(Bangkalan Bull Race Association) held the Karapan Sapi competition. The competition have two categories, Big and small, it’s based on the Cow size. Many team from around Madura island come to join it, more than 50 teams I guess. The competition begin at 9 o’clock.

In the first day I come earlier and I can see the cow have a warm up, just walk around with their tamer. I am a little bit confuse, Honestly this is my first time watch Karapan Sapi on the spot. I’m not watch it until the end and I don’t know who is the winner in the Small category.

The Second day begin, maybe because it is Sunday the field is really crowded, met with some old friend and we’re looking for free chair but we’re not found it, all of it is already owned, so we’re just stand and sometime sit in the ground. And the race begin with Big Category, the race is awesome and also the crowd have so much spirit.

In the middle of the race me and my friend walk around to looking some great spot and the great spot is the start line. But in the great spot have dark side, it is when the cow prepare for the race there are some people that did a torture but it’s still allow cause it’s just a little torture to make the cow angry.

And in that time I meet with two Russian people, they’re just come to visit Indonesia not to stay. They said that the weather is a little bit not comfortable but they’re like it, they also come here with another foreign people but I can’t find him. And then we’re finish the conversation with taking a picture but unfortunately I forget to ask their name.

In the night after the Karapan Sapi all the remain Plat-M member have an invitation to go to “Ole Olang Resto” via Twitter. Riding the Motorcycle trough the cold night, we spent about 15 minute in the way. Finally we reach the “Ole Olang Resto” meet the owner and take a sit in the back side of the Resto that have a nice view of Paddy Field, but it is dark unfortunately.
We served with their number one drink called “Es Ole Olang” made from Lime and Milk. A Little bit waiting and the main thing show up, Yes that is the “Bebek Cetar Membahana”. Really hot and spicy we eat that thing. And WOW this is CETAR MEMBAHENOL, the situation, the taste, and the smell of the Duck is really great. After eat and talk with the owner the last thing to do is Taking picture hahaha, but I don’t have the pics unfortunately.
So this is the end of the event, and it is awesome really wait for another event and another gathering!


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