Don’t Blame The Timnas Blame DPR!

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We Lose, Indonesian National Team Lose against Arab, It’s hurt but somewhere inside there are so much proud and happiness I think it’s because there are no more dualism in this country.

Although the National Team is the best for now I still feel so much pessimism around, some said that our NT(read: National Team) just have a little time to prepare and other said that Arab is one step ahead us. I know it but you can’t lose before fight, lose before battle! at least we’re already fight’em although we lose, and we show’em the true Indonesian spirit.

            If I can I would like to say thanks to all the team member personally, but unfortunately I can’t. I’ll just upload this article and spread it inside internet maybe they wanna read this, and if they really read this I just can say thank you, thank you, and thank you for all of your fighting spirit!

This Morning I read from many source in internet that DPR will have another study tour to Europe, to study about the law of the black magic, Damn what a nice reason to have a vacation to Europe. Many people said if this is just wasting money, the people money! unfortunately the DPR won’t listen! maybe there are big mouse inside their ears, eyes, and brain I guess and that make the DPR can’t listen, see, and think about people opinion and the people condition.

They have seriousle bad public opinion about the reason and also their own self. Black Magic, huh? why you’re not just study inside this country? we have stronger magic than the country that you want to visit! and you won’t waste the money so much!

They said if the problem can solve with discuss it in internet but they’re still have so much reason to keep this on. And I guess they’re really send this country into the “Jahiliyah” Age Of Badness and Cruelness if they still want to study about black magic that called with “Santet”. Why not just fix it into terror category? Maybe because it’s bla bla bla…….

Damn We have really good DPR when it talk about vacation, study tour, and reason, and also corr*pt*on and with that we can’t blame Timnas because we lose, we’re not really lose! we’re still have win inside that! just blame the DPR dude about their bad habbits and their plan to learn about “black magic law”.





Bad English again guys, hope you like it and find my mistake and I’ll open my heart to receive any critic and opinion. Thanks guys!


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I'm Indonesian and I proud of it!

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