Garuda Still In My Chest(read:Heart)

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I still remember when I write article about Timnas(read: National Team) it’s about 4 months ago in November 2012 exactly. In there I write about Nil Maizar The Coach of The Timnas, the story about him that struggling and fighting against people pessimistic, but unfortunately he can bring the Timnas to be the champion. But it’s okay if we look the condition of the whole country football it’s ruined by the hand of dualism.


And now after the PSSI fired Nil and Blanco as a coach, we have RD(Rahmad Darmawan) and Jacksen F. Tiago as the replacement. We have a new soul! a new spirit! a new team! better condition! and we still have Garuda in our heart! I think that’s enough to make a comeback.

Tomorrow at 19.00(TV time) The Garuda will face Arab, Arab is one of the strong team in Asia, but we’re not afraid, we won’t step back, and we won’t fail this time. With the record 10 wins for  arab and 1 draw, I guess it’s not make any sense the only thing that will make sense is our spirit and our pray as the Indonesian.

I hope the coach will use 4-2-3-1 formation because we have so much speed, so much goal scorer, and so much spirit in the field. Andik, Boaz, and Bachdim will give the speed and Van Dijk will give goals with his predatory skill. Don’t forget the midfielder  we still have so much talent Bustomi, Taufiq, Maitimo, Firman, and much more, and also the back side and the goal keeper we have so much talent there.

It’s not too arrogant if I say Indonesia can beat Arab, but it’ll be happen if Spirit, Pray, Support, talent, and Trust come together as one as INDONESIA as GARUDA!
Keep calm, pray, and face the bright future!!! GARUDA DI DADAKU!!!!

Need more correction here guys, hope you understand and like this article guys, and also Help me improve my English so I can make a better article! See ya Tomorrow with a brand new post!! 🙂


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I'm Indonesian and I proud of it!

5 thoughts on “Garuda Still In My Chest(read:Heart)

  1. I like it. I think your english is good, Den.

  2. Good Job..and Nice Article with Spirit .

    Apapun hasil pertandingan malam ini, memberikan secercah harapan baru bahwa Indonesia telah bersatu. 🙂 Bravo Olahraga Indonesia

  3. Running text please … saya cuma paham bahasa jowo mas…

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