UN not United Nations but Ujian Nasional or National Exam!

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This the thing that every student in Indonesia must pass to continue study in University. Why I write about this? I write about this because the way that gov choose to chasing the gap between Indonesia and another country about Education is really horrible.

At that time when the first time I do the NE or UN it’s hard enough although there are just two different types of paper that include questions inside, for us the students in a small city that have enough lesson and I just got 26,50 many said that my score is high enough, Yes I get it.

But when it came to the second time I’ve NE my score is really poor in my regional, I got 33,40, why I said it’s poor because when I see my friend that’s not as active as me in daily activity in school got 35 or 36!

Then I became mature enough to realize that what they got is fake, they just got nothing but a better school with a better tool to help’em learn the lesson. But what I’ve got? I just got ordinary school with no great facility that can help me learn the lesson better, I ain’t blame the theacher or the the school for what I’ve got, cause it’s good enough, I can’t expect more!

Come back to the NE, the gov already speak that the NE this will come more hard with 20 different types of paper in a class and 60 different types of paper in every school. It’s hard right? Yes it’s incredibly hard but it’s still reachable for the student that have enough support for their study.

Let’s discuss it more deep! why the gov can be so cruel? thinking that all the students in this huge country have same study ? Maybe it’s because the gov want to closer the gap, but that will sacrifice many students that is not ready for some kind of that. And that happen to my school, I realize that my school have not enough support to make the student get their max progress to face the exam.

Then what can I do? I can do nothing but to write this bad English article and I hope all the reader will realize that this country not really need National exam but the things that this country incredibly need is the progress to make the facility and the support in every school more better! and that reachable! after we can reach that we can begin the National Exam Seriously!

Sorry for the Bad English, Hope You guys can find my mistake and I can be better in my next English article! 🙂


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5 thoughts on “UN not United Nations but Ujian Nasional or National Exam!

  1. Your article call back my will to make an english article. 🙂

  2. Good article. But , are u 12 grades ?

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